Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hummer Launch New HT1 Mobile Phone Handset!

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you......General Motors have extended their Hummer brand in to the word of mobile phones with the launch of the HT1 Mobile Phone in India, under the Fly brand. They have tied up with UK handset maker Meridian Mobile and French handset maker ModeLabs. Such is the demand that Hummer expect to sell in the region of 200,000 phones this year!

While you may be excused for being skeptical about such a well know brand entering an unfamiliar market, it seems as though this is not just a publicity stunt. The HT1 Mobile Phone comes with a 262,000 colour LCD screen, is GSM enabled and has a 2 mega pixel camera – a good start by any standards!

The design of the handset is the element which will first catch your attention, and this slide phone with large display screen will not disappoint. The roll bar navigation and keys make it very easy to navigate, and the QWERTY keypad is just the right size for easy use. The handset also has 256 MB of internal memory plus a microSD card slot for even more capacity.

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