Friday, September 26, 2008


Just to get an idea of what Nokia thinks the future of communications will look like, take a look at the Nokia 888 communicator, a concept design that recently won Nokia’s Benelux design contest. According to it consists of a liquid battery to sustain flexibility in bends and twists, a high resolution flexible OLED display and an inkjet-printed circuit board.
This bracelet-like Nokia 888 is most likely to use features like speech recognition, a flexible touch screen, and a touch sensitive body cover. All other standard features like alarm clock, PDA, GPS, phone, push email receiver and digital wallet will be integrated along with phone.

Now when to expect the phone in the market? It seems this type of phones are unlikely to hit the markets in coming 2-3 years. And moreover it’s a concept phone so developments are going on to make it more feesible and accessible in near future. Till then just enjoy the cool pictures!

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