Thursday, September 11, 2008

NEC to Launch New Mobile Phones E-238 to Malaysia

ASIA : NEC Corporation and NEC Malaysia announced new Mobile Phones "e238 pictured above and below" and "e101" to Malaysia. NEC also reveals its new branding strategy and slogan "Get Personal", which is in line with NEC's global corporate statement "Empowered by InnovationTM", to further expand its mobile business in Malaysia.
"Get Personal" is a new slogan to help NEC increase its awareness in the mobile terminals arena and build brand loyalty in Malaysia. We are aiming to position the company as the most creative, leading mobile solutions company within 2 years. Variety of mobile terminals are being introduced for the global market this year. This new slogan will be a dynamic step towards strengthening NEC's presence in the Malaysian mobile market, and is also in line with the strategic move to expand NEC's mobile business globally." said Mr. Hiromi Orikasa, General Manager of Mobile Terminals Marketing & Sales Division, NEC Corporation.

"Our latest challenge regarding current brand perception is to create a unique, human and user-friendly image, showing NEC`s deeper level of communication with consumers by defining ourselves as a "people company," which proactively reaches out to customers to gain knowledge about their needs in Malaysia.

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